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What Is Scotchgard? Answers From a Las Vegas Carpet Cleaner

Most homeowners know Scotchgard as a stain repellant that effectively prevents liquids from being absorbed into carpets, thereby prevent stains. Scotchgard can be applied by a Las Vegas carpet cleaner to keep carpets looking their best, last longer, and enable clean up after spills and messes much easier.
Accidently spilled some juice or wine on your carpet? If your carpet has been treated with Scotchgard or another stain repellant, you'll notice the juice or wine sits on top of the carpet fibers instead of being absorbed deep into the carpet. To clean up, simply blot the liquid gently to remove without any stain left in the carpet. Scotchgard can also be used on commercial carpets, many area rugs, and car floor mats.
Ideally, Scotchgard should be applied by your Las Vegas carpet cleaner after your carpets have been thoroughly cleaned using a deep extraction machine. Deep cleaning ensures all of the dirt, dust and soils have been removed prior to stain repellant treatment.
Scotchgard recommends their product be applied once yearly after deep extraction cleaning. Deep extraction removes much of the protection provided by the stain repellant, so it is important Scotchgard is then reapplied.
The drying time of your carpet depends on the type of carpet. Short-pile carpet dries much faster than long-hair or shag carpet. In most cases, drying should exceed 24 hours. After the carpet has fully-dried, the stain repellant protection is invisible to the naked eye. Scotchgard does not alter the look or feel of your carpet. In some situations, the carpet fibers may be a bit stiff after application. This is normal and can be eliminated with a quick walk-through with a vacuum. The fibers will quickly return to their normal, softer state.
Many people are unaware that Scotchgard is actually a brand name for the product. As is the case with many other popular brands such as Kleenex, Scotch tape and Band-Aids, Scotchgard is often referred to by consumers when referencing any type of generic brand of stain repellant. It is important to understand that there are many other brands of stain repellant, such as Vectra Spray and Forcefield.
From hands-on experience, many professional carpet cleaners recommend Scotchgard over other stain repellants. Scotchgard is an older product with a proven track record, and Scotchgards has been reformulated to ensure the product is safe for the environment, families and pets. Leading carpet brands such as Mohawk Carpet and Bissell have partnered with Scotchgard to improve their products.
Over one million pounds of carpet are thrown away in the US every year. Be sure to protect your carpet to avoid having to replace it! It is much easier and less costly in the long run to take simple steps to care for your carpet.

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